AC Repair laudedale By the Sea

Wayne Group & Services has been serving Lauderdale by the Sea residence since 1997. AC Repair Lauderdale by the Sea.
We proudley service FHP otherwise known as FLORIDA HEAT PUMP. As well as FIRST COMPANY HEAT PUMP.

AC Repair on all brands: 954 618 1818

Properly repairing your AC will extend its life and have it running at peak levels too.
AC Maintenance gives better efficiency and cleaner indoor air. Get quality AC Repair Lauderdale by the Sea .Florida Heat Pumps. From Wayne Group & Services. Our team offers the AC Repair services in Lauderdale by the sea,Ocean Blv,thats second to none. Checking and oiling motors,checking amp draw,tightening electrical connections ,Thermostat accuracy ,Monitor compressor operation amps,check blower wheels etc. Wayne Group & Services will check your the units refrigerant level against the outdoor temperature,for proper differentials and sub cooling.This is very important for the higher efficiency units. Being on the beach in lauderdale By the Sea, a beautiful city approximately 1.5 squar miles.
We have a lot of salt in the air which attacks the metals of the AC equipment. With Air Conditioning Coating you can avoid.

Wayne Group AC Repair service

Prematurly rusting out coils and major componants.Wayne Group AC Repair service will coat your outdoor units for harsh climate/enviroment. Coating AC units are becoming very popular and a must for new construction and AC Replacments.Wayne group & Services can buy your new AC and coat it for protection against salt water climate.
Sometimes major repairs and installations can take a couple hours . Places we recomend or With us most parts are truck stock, Wayne Group & Services will have you up and running promply.

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