Odors, germs, allergens—these are just a few of the airborne contaminants that threaten our homes and businesses. According to the EPA, the problem of indoor air pollution has become evident. Today’s buildings are well-insulated and airtight, so airborne contaminants remain trapped inside. For this reason, indoor air is often 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Air fresheners, sprays, plugins, candles, and other household deodorizers do little more than masking odors with perfume. Also, they add more chemicals to the air. Electronic air cleaners aren’t a big help either. Many of them produce ozone which has been shown to be unhealthy. Talking about smaller room-sized air cleaners, they are only effective in their immediate area and don’t offer whole-house solutions.

There has to be a better solution!

So, what can we do to clear the air and provide a healthier indoor environment in our homes and offices? The answer is APCO Fresh-Aire UV! APCO has taken a quantum leap in air purification by combining advanced photocatalytic oxidation technology with activated carbon cells for comprehensive indoor air cleaning. The system is installed in ducts of the central air system and is effective against airborne odors, mold, and germs. APCO uses a germicidal UV-C light which will sterilize your HVAC equipment. The air purifier is supplied with a second fresh air UV light for maximum effect in your handlers as well. It’s safe, effective, and ozone-free. APCO fights unpleasant odors from pets and dirty laundry smells; cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke; cooking smells, including fish, garlic; and fumes from building materials, which can be toxic. The Fresh-Aire UV light inside APCO kills germs by destroying their DNA, which prevents them from reproducing. APCO kills germs, such as mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens. APCO installs in furnaces and air handlers!

At the heart of the APCO system is a matrix of titanium dioxide infused activated carbon cells. Volatile organic compounds, also known as or VOCs and microbes are trapped and held in place by the carbon matrix. Fresh-Aire UV light shining on the titanium dioxide creates a photocatalytic effect. BOC molecules are transformed into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide, which are released back into the air, allowing the carbon cells to regenerate. Due to this reason, APCO cells are self-cleaning and the system is virtually maintenance-free.

Because the Fresh-Aire UV APCO is installed in the central air system, it works continuously to purify all the air in the home or office, resulting in a healthier, happier indoor environment.

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