Commercial Chillers

Commercial Chillers are used for large commercial HVAC systems. These typically utilize the power of chilled water. A commercial water chiller, either a centrifugal or screw chiller. Commercial Chillers are very efficient at absorbing and cooling heated air around coils, used to effectively provide climate control in a big building.


Utilizing a cooling tower which is most commonly on the roof. Multiple fan coil units which are used to distribute the cold air to specific areas.Various pumps are needed to move chilled water around to different parts of the system. These pumps need to be monitored and maintained. Oil pumps need to be maintained to ensure proper lubrication Water used by Commercial Chillers needs to be chemically treated and monitored to ensure proper ph balance so the water circulating in the building system dose not create rust or holes your piping.You can get more information about this by contacting Wayne Group & Services.Since 1997.

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