Nano Induct™ – Whole Home Filterless Air Purifier with AHPCO™ Ionization Technology

As health consciousness rises, homes and business owners want solution for invisible, unhealthy, odor-causing contaminants in their living and workspaces. And while most air cleaners are capable of treating small areas, the nano Induct™ from Air Oasis takes the game to the next level. It is your answer to whole house and office air purification and surface sanitation needs. This duct-mounted air purifier unit has been specially designed to clean the air and surfaces in every room with its proprietary AHPCO™ ionization technology.

How AHPCO™ Ionization Technology Works?

The AHPCO™ ionization technology works by producing a redundant mixture of ions at levels that are very effective yet harmless. The system is capable of deactivating up to 99% aeroallergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, smoke, and formaldehyde. The nano™ Induct remains out of sight while Ions are distributed throughout the home or office, clearing air and surfaces of unwanted contaminants. The unique lamp and catalyst combination creates long-lasting contaminant-killing ions that seek out pollutants and break them down. While doing this, the ions are neutralized and returned to harmless water vapor. The purifier deactivates contaminants in every room.

No Need to Replace Filters

The nano™ Induct is a filterless system. There are no filters to replace or maintenance to perform for you for at least 2 years. After using the system for 2 years, you can easily replace the AHPCO™ cell. It is just a matter of minutes. When compared side-by-side with other similar systems, the nano Induct™ showed considerably lower failure rates due to on/off cycling. Don’t overlook safety features, such as UV-shielding, auto shut off, and indicator lights.
Features & Benefits:

  • Auto shut-off and self-protecting ballast feature to ensure protection in hot attics
  • AHPCO cell replacement takes less than 5 minutes every two years.
  • Long-lasting coating that doubles the life of the system compared to most UV lamps
  • ETL listed to highest UL867 safety rating
  • 3 levels of output based on size of A/C equipment
  • UV stabilized & V0 fire rated durable polycarbonate material
  • Only uses 13 Watts of electricity
  • Protection against temperature fluctuations, humidity and fractures.
  • A proprietary blend of catalysts kills contaminants more effectively
  • Rotational UV Shield offers protection to the system from UV light
  • 2-Tube Linear Technology to insulate the UV lamp
100% American-made, filterless, compact with multiple voltage and mounting options, nano Induct™ is well-suited for any ducted HVAC system and can be installed in no time. Keep air and surfaces in home or office clean and breathe on with Air Oasis. Call Wayne Group & Services to install nano Induct™ at your facility!

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