S1 E3 Mini Workshop - Your Ego Isn't Your Amigo

In this post-interview episode, Dr. Marc Reynolds discusses the importance of managing ego in personal and professional relationships. He provides practical tips for recognizing and balancing ego, as well as strategies for checking and managing ego in the workplace. The episode emphasizes the impact of ego on communication, relationships, conflict resolution, leadership, and personal growth.
00:00  Managing Ego in Personal and Professional Relationships
03:25  Recognizing and Balancing Ego
07:41   Strategies for Checking and Managing Ego

  • Managing ego is crucial for improved communication, healthier relationships, conflict resolution, effective leadership, and personal growth.
  • Recognizing ego in oneself involves identifying signs such as defensiveness, inflexibility, seeking validation, blaming others, and a constant need for control.
  • Balancing self-confidence and humility in a professional setting involves acknowledging strengths and limitations, practicing active listening, seeking feedback, showing empathy, and continuously learning and growing.